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Having created more than 100 murals in the Northwest Arkansas area, Jason Jones has carved out a living as a muralist in the Ozarks since early 2000.  He has painted a variety of themes in children’s rooms, dining rooms, and other living areas.  His murals can also be seen in many businesses and public spaces.

In addition to his murals, Jones has recently created a name for himself by painting on top of discarded art. In 2011 he painted a robot on an old damaged print that he bought at a thrift store. His original intention was to only use the frame, but that day he decided to salvage the print too. Ever since then, he has been painting on all kinds of thrift store art. Whether a vintage print or an original painting, Jones alters each one by hand painting on the piece, matching the color palette and the style, while adding his own twist to the discarded artwork.

Currently, Jones lives and maintains a studio in Fayetteville, Arkansas where he does sketches for commissioned murals and creates his altered thrift store art.


commercial, residential, fine art